About Us

Sam Wyly

Sam Wyly was raised in Louisiana, got his MBA from the University of Michigan, and was a salesman for IBM. At age 28, he created University Computing Company, the first of six

enterprises Wyly grew to over $1 billion valuations. He is one of America’s top entrepreneurs in industries from oil and gold mining to arts and crafts; software to budget steakhouses; and clean

electricity. Sam resides in Dallas, is a Christian Scientist, has six children, 12 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. Author of Dallas Got It Right!, Texas Got it Right!, 1,000 Dollars & An

Idea, and The Immigrant Spirit.  An avid reader and great advocate of learning, his children are his greatest legacy.


Laurie Matthews

Laurie Matthews was born and raised in Dallas. She and her twin sister Lisa were soccer teammates in Highland Park and at Principia College. She is a lifelong member of The First Church of

Christ, Scientist. She has enjoyed the fruits of the concept, “All Roads Lead to Dallas,” because it brought her true love and husband David into her life from Oklahoma City. After graduating from

Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, she taught English to children in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Next, Laurie explored following in her father’s footsteps by working in the customer service department of a

software company in southern California.  When she and David decided to raise a family, it was back to Dallas!  In raising their three children, Laurie was an active volunteer in their school, Alcuin

Montessori/IB School and has been president of its board. She is currently active in her church, serving as clerk and reading room librarian.


Andrew Wyly

Andrew Wyly is an entrepreneur, investor, and film producer. Born and raised in Malibu Colony, with some schooling in the Santa Monica Mountains in California and at the American school in

Switzerland, he has been a Texan by choice since 2004. After earning a bachelor’s degree in history from Denison University, Andrew worked as a sales agent for Green Mountain Energy and

managed a portfolio for a hedge fund. He has continued his interest in political economics through participation with several think tanks and with his dad at the Philadelphia Convention that

nominated George W. Bush for president. In 2007, he created the Andrew Wyly Film Company. Blood Shot was his first feature film. Co-authored, Texas Got It Right! & Dallas Got It Right!