Ever wonder why the Texas economy keeps growing while the rest of America is still clawing its way out of recession? Ever wonder why a land of oil wildcatters and cowboys is the country’s wind-energy leader and has knocked Silicon Valley off its high-tech pedestal? Ever wonder why Californians and New Yorkers are moving to Texas in droves—and bringing their businesses with them? 

For author-entrepreneurs Sam and Andrew Wyly, the answer is clear: Texas got it right! And overtaxed, over-regulated states like California, New York, and Illinois got it wrong. The Wylys have put the proof between two covers, in a single, colorful, fact-packed volume that is changing the conversation about the future of America. 

Like the great state of Texas itself, Texas Got It Right! is full of inspiring stories and big characters—from Sam Houston and Ann Richards to Tom Landry and Beyoncé, from lumber barons and cattlemen to software pioneers and conceptual artists. And with striking infographics — on taxes, migration, cost of living, renewable energy, and more — this book has got the data to back up the boasting. Part history lesson, part call to arms, part brag-book, Texas Got It Right! is a testament to the fact that the American Dream is alive and well in Texas.

To quote the great newsman and biographer Walter Isaacson in his foreword to the book, “The state’s can-do spirit and love of independent thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs is something that could help kick up our whole economy.”

Now that’s something every American — red-state, blue-state, and everything in between — can get on board with.