Entrepreneur and Billion-Dollar Industry Tycoon Sam Wyly Publishes Tell-All Memoir

BEYOND BUBBA: The Life and Times of an Entrepreneur by Sam Wyly, Laurie Matthews, and Lisa Wyly is on sale today, 12/7/21

DALLAS, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — From humble beginnings to landmark accomplishments, “Beyond Bubba: The Life and Times of an Entrepreneur” by Sam Wyly, Laurie Matthews and Lisa Wyly (Brown Books Publishing; On sale: December 7, 2021) narrates the storied career of the billion-dollar man: Sam Wyly. The added perspectives of his twin daughters Laurie Matthews and Lisa Wyly lend a behind-the-scenes look at the familial side of Sam Wyly (or as his friends called him, Bubba), and how his personal life impacted his phenomenal success in the business world.

Raised during the Great Depression, Sam Wyly staked his family’s livelihood on his entrepreneurial instincts. With a distinctly relentless and positive spirit, Sam followed his contrarian methods to build 10 companies in 9 different industries with multimillion and billion-dollar revenues. He was a self-made millionaire by age 30 and billionaire by age 65.

“Beyond Bubba” takes readers into Wyly’s journey shaping various industries while encouraging critical questions about the nature of entrepreneurial success in America. Sam’s business endeavors have ranged far and wide from oil and gold mining to arts and crafts, software, budget steakhouses, clean electricity—and he even saved a local bookstore. These business endeavors, naturally, did not come without challenges. The Wylys delve into Sam’s toe-to-toe stand-offs in the courtroom with massive business monopolies, defecting from IBM, detangling from politics, as well as his transition to promoting green initiatives, charitable efforts and more! “Beyond Bubba” offers the invaluable takeaway of investing in what truly matters, as Sam Wyly did: putting money where the heart is.

“I have learned a lot by looking back at those who came before me. If I can help others do the same, that’s gratifying to me.” — Sam Wyly

Praise for Sam Wyly:

“I cannot think of a proper way to salute Sam Wyly. He has accomplished a great deal, and his success has always been accomplished with honor and integrity.” — George H. W. Bush

“I have known Sam for 50+ years. He’s an American treasure. Texas and American business lore is replete with stories of entrepreneurs who hit big home runs in some industry, and usually done with much swagger. Sam’s homers, at least seven that I can count, range across high tech, oil and gas, green energy, restaurants, retail and venture capital. More admirably, always done with humility, empathy and random acts of kindness. His children are walking commercials for his being a great father on top of all of this.” — Alan Steelman, Former Member of U.S. Congress (R-TX) and Vice-Chairman Alexander Proudfoot Company

“Sam led the board of directors of Michaels Stores. He made my position as CEO exciting. He had the vision and trust to let me run the company. I love Michaels today after 14 years of retirement. Our success would never have been possible without his influence and support. He definitely understood the balance between the board responsibilities and running the business. He was always very supportive of me and my team. He was fair, and always saw the bigger picture. Sam is certainly an amazing visionary, a successful entrepreneur and definitely lives the American dream.” — Michael Rouleau, Former CEO and President of Michaels Stores

“Anytime Sam writes a book, you should read it. You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll learn from it. This brief history of Sam’s remarkable life illustrates his genius as a creator of pioneering companies and the positive effects he’s had on so many lives along the way. An enjoyable way to get to know an extraordinary man.” —Sterling Williams, Former CEO of Sterling Software & Sterling Commerce Chairman of the Board

“I put Sam on the short list of early pioneers who brought the Texas business swagger to the national stage. Today, businesses across the globe are looking to plant a flag in the Lone Star State.” — Ed Curtis Jr., CEO and Founder of YTexas, and Author of “Why Texas: How Business Discovered the Lonestar State”

“Sam Wyly’s adventures in business span from computers to energy to even my love: restaurants. Every step of the way he is filled with a joyful engagement. Sam’s journey reminds us that the American Dream is alive and well.” — Kimbal Musk, Founder and Owner of The Kitchen Restaurant Group

“Sam Wyly is an entrepreneurial genius who inspires both new business ideas and spiritual renewal.” — Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham, Founder of The Regeneration Project

“Sam Wyly has been an extraordinary visionary for the long term.” — John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods

“Sam Wyly is a wonderful American character: a natural entrepreneur and builder with an outsized personality and humor to match his success.” — Walter Isaacson, Former CEO of the Aspen Institute and Author of “Einstein: His Life and Universe”

“Spanning four decades and remarkably diverse industries, the career of Sam Wyly—a true original—shows what good ideas, strong will and access to capital can accomplish.” — Michael Milken, Former Chairman of The Milken Institute

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